Welcome to the official website of the Mauriwood Film Industry Artists Association, a non-profit organisation which promotes & supports the emerging film industry in Mauritius & in the Indian Ocean to create employment, to alleviate poverty & to use the cinematographic art and passion to fight the social scourges.

The term "Mauriwood" refers to the new wave Mauritian entertainment film industry resulting from the production of films by Mauritian filmmakers, inspired from Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood & other film making styles around the world & intended for export.

This website explains this cinematographic initiative launched by a team of more than 100 actors & technicians from Mauritius & Rodrigues.

If you have a particular talent, a special skill or any other capacity which can be useful to film productions, this is a wonderful opportunity to register yourself with the Mauriwood FIAA. Check it out on the "Membership & Artists Registration" page. It could be great fun, a career for you or you could become a star!

Message from Gilbert Lefou, President of
the Mauriwood Film Industry Artists Association

Dear viewers & film enthusiasts,
as the President of the Mauriwood Film Industry Artists Association (MFIAA), it is a great honour for me to express my joy concerning the success of the film "JULIE" which premiered in March 2013.

Filmmaking is an everyday struggle for art to emerge in the form of motion pictures, and the setting up of a cinematographic industry in Mauritius is an even fiercer struggle requiring incredible energy & passion for it to happen. It is so hard & painful especially when we are located so far from Hollywood & Bollywood.

Yet, when I see with how much passion actors, technicians & other film enthusiasts volunteer their persevering efforts & creativity for Mauritian films to happen, I personally believe that we have no right to let such passion down! We simply cannot let these artists, technicians & other film enthusiasts of our beloved country live only in their dreams....because, just like stories are made into films, dreams need to be brought to reality!

Especially when we are gifted with such a beautiful country offering wonderful urban, rural & natural sites making of the country itself a mini-Hollywood. Not to forget that the Mauritian population is bilingual & treasures various facial traits that can simulate all the ethnicities of the world. And to end, filmmaking technology has become extremely affordable to shoot films of quality which have nothing to envy to Hollywood films nowadays...

The proof: "Julie", a film produced by the Mauritian studio Quadricolore Films & Entertainment Ltd, confirms the saying: "Yes! We can!". This 100% made in Mauritius by Mauritians film has been reviewed by many local & foreign professionals as being a revolution in Mauritian film making.

And the Mauriwood Film Industry Artists Association is proud to support such film projects which are driven by passion by the artists of Mauritius, despite the difficulties & the lack of support for filmmaking in Mauritius.

It is also worth noting that more than 150 local artists & technicians, people of all ages, from all communities, from all social levels, both employed & unemployed, literate & illiterate, participated in the production of the patriotic film "JULIE" in order to boost our local film industry to create a new sector of employment, as well as to propagate through the film a strong message against communalism, which consolidates the wonderful peace and harmony existing among our diifferent communities living together in Mauritius & Rodrigues.

It is with these noble words that I end this message, thanking all those who are trusting in my capacity as the President of the MFIAA. And I hereby also confirm my strong will to fight for the benefit of our film artists, technicians & other film enthusiasts of our wonderful country, Mauritius.

Gilbert Lefou
President of the
Mauriwood Film Industry Artists Association


Quadricolore Films & Entertainment Ltd is pleased to invite schools, colleges, universities, companies, groups and associations to organise projections for students, employees or members at preferential package prices.

So bring your crowd to the cinema! And let's support the film artists of our country!

Click on the poster below for the rates & for reservation.






"Na Pa Saye Ene Coté" is the end title sequence soundtrack (générique de fin) of the film "Julie" which was released in March 2013.

This song is offered FREELY to the people of Mauritius, Rodrigues, Agalega, St Brandon & Diego Garcia to celebrate the Independence Anniversary of Mauritius. It can be downloaded FREELY from the "Downloads" page by clicking on the poster above.


"Julie" is a Mauritian feature film about a little girl of French origin, who escapes from a genocide in a newly independent country on the East Coast of Africa. Saved in extremis, Julie & her father, Dr Jeunet, who has been shot in the leg during their escape, are evacuated to Mauritius. There they stay in a hospital until Dr Jeunet will be fit enough to return to France with Julie.

This Mauritian feature film produced by Quadricolore Films & Entertainment Ltd & which contains a lot of thrilling action & emotional scenes has been successfully released in March 2013.

See the clips below for details:





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