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Ex-Director of the Mauritius Society of Authors, Gerard Louise will explain the importance of film making in the industry of culture in Mauritius. Specialised in intellectual property law, our gentleman focuses on the fact that film makers must be given the appropriate legal support to carry out their passionate activities without trouble.
Christina Chan-Meetoo is lecturer at the University of Mauritius. Some of the courses she lectures include modules which concern cinematography. Seems the project of a Mauritian film school is not totally a fiction. This lady could produce some future James Cameron...though the later never went to film school to make "Avatar"...
Famous Laval Disco (Zoli Zoli) & spicy Greta (Lelette) share the 'African' experience they enjoyed during the shooting of a film coming soon. These wonderful artists are of opinion that the talents in filmmaking are abundant in Mauritius, they are just scattered & need to be brought together for the local film industry to reach the next level.
If there is a guy who when he sings thrills the hearts of ladies with romantic emotions, it is certainly our loverboy Soul T. Leader of the amazing crew Negro Pou La Vi, our friend will explain how singers, musicians & composers are crucial to the soundtrack of movies & sometimes contribute a lot to their success.
Some movies inspire songwriters to write songs, but some songs inspire film directors to make movies! This is the case with the very touching song "Laisse mo viv" written by stage animal "Maista" who turned out to be an excellent actor recently. He will express his feelings about the priviledge he has been granted as a song writer & singer.
Talented Gianno who plays sofisticated & funny Zanbalak in "Kel Fami" talks about his new experience as a feature film actor when playing reporter "Jean Tangalé" in a Mauritian film coming soon.
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