Mauritius & Rodrigues are small islands with few natural resources. Though forming part of Africa, they have no diamond, no petrol, no mineral ore, etc. However, the richness of the islands resides in their people who have inherited cultures originating from the various parts of the world which explains the numerous talents they are gifted with. Whether it is music, handicraft or other performing arts, the creativity of the people of Mauritius & Rodrigues have no limit.

This is why a film industry is not only an opportunity for the people of Mauritius & Rodrigues but also a must for the islands' self sustainable economy.

Below are further reasons why a film industry will be greatly beneficial to Mauritius & Rodrigues:

1. Though foreign filmmakers do not find Mauritius an advantageous shooting destination as it is remotely located from Europe, the USA & Asia, especially with the increasing cost of air freight & air tickets, the island is in itself a mini-Hollywood with various shooting sites like beaches, lagoons, mountains, forests, natural parks, urban & rural locations. Such sites are definitely opportunities for our local filmmakers.

2. Exporting Made in Mauritius / by Mauritians films to the various countries around the world not only results into exponential financial returns in foreign currency, but also exposes the beauty & cultures of Mauritius & Rodrigues to the world, to the advantage of our touristic industry.

3. A film industry also gives local artists in other fields (music, handicraft, story writing, etc) the opportunity to earn a living from their art additionally.

4. A film industry employs people of all statuses & all academic levels. Many people do not need to go to film school to work in the film industry.

5. The population of Mauritius & Rodrigues is composed of various ethnic origins, an advantage since we have a wide variety of facial traits which can represent characters of different nationalities such as Africans, Europeans, Asians, etc in films.

6. The people of Mauritius & Rodrigues are bilingual speaking both French & English fluently. This is still an advantage for dubbing if the accent of some actors are not appropriate. Additionally, some people also speak oriental languages, an advantage for productions targeting Asia as a market.

7. The latest development in filming technology has brought down the cost of film productions all over the world. Small production studios are becoming competitors to Hollywood thanks to digital technology cameras which are becoming more and more affordable to them nowadays. Further, latest affordable editing tools have become more powerful & their limits are only restricted by the creativity of filmmakers.

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